What problem can we help you with?

What is MC Click?

To allow students the ability to work from home and on the go, eligible students will have received a MC Click device. If you are having any issues with your device please visit the MC Click page for frequently asked questions and useful videos. If you are still having problems email reboot@mbro.ac.uk.

I can't login / What's my password?

To log into anything to do with the college please use your student/ college email which is your M Number then @middlesbro.ac.uk For example if Ben Smith has the M Number M2104564 then his student/ college email would be M2104564@middlesbro.ac.uk You can find your M Number on the back of your Student Card. For new students your password will be your full registered postcode with the first letter capitalised followed by your birthday in the 6 digit format. For example if Ben Smith had the Postcode TS12 5AD and the Birthday 16th March 2004 his password would be: Ts125ad160304 Returning students will be able to use the same password they used last term. Here are some other instructions on how to log in to our main College IT systems. Canvas
Microsoft 365 Google Classroom Smart assessor WiFi If you require any further assitance such as resetting a password please visit the Help Centre.

I don't know how to access my online lesson

Which of the following are you using? Canvas
Google Classroom Don't know

I can't access the College WiFi

Choose Eduroam as the network Username: M number @mbro.ac.uk (e.g. M1234567@mbro.ac.uk) Password: The same password used to log on to a College computer Accept any certificates it queries you about.
For an Android CA certificate – select do not validate.
For Chromebooks, choose PEAP

I have a different question, please help!

If you are struggling with any issues related to your online learning, there is always support available to you. If you are in College, the IT Helpdesk is located just behind the main reception opposite Café 66. If you are working from home and have a problem which you need help with, call the IT Helpdesk on 01642 333444 or email helpdesk@mbro.ac.uk

I can't hear my online lesson

Teams Canvas
Google Classroom Don't know

I can't access the My Mbro app

Your login details for My Mbro are: Username: Mnumber@middlesbro.ac.uk Password: The same password used to log on to a College computer Please make sure you are downloading this app (shown below) If you are still unable to access the app, please email Reboot@mbro.ac.uk

What is Multi-factor Authentication?

When first logging on you may be prompted to connect a mobile number, email address or use the Microsoft Authenticator app to act as an extra layer of security to protect your account, information and details. Once you are connected and have set up Multi-Factor Authentication, you will not be required to go through this process within the college so you can be ready to learn and study at any time!

How do I print from my MC Click device?

To print from your MC Click device please follow these intructions: Printing from an MC Click Device. If you are still having problems email reboot@mbro.ac.uk.